The “Unusual Solutions” Competition launched !

1 Competition, 3 Challenges, $235 000 for the winners !

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“How can drone data and AI tools become more relevant to solving local social challenges? How can we turn data into action by bringing back drone data and insights to beneficiaries? And how can drones and data be used ethically to solve local problems?

These are the 3 most pressing challenges we encounter in our work in the Global South. And we believe that local experts are best placed to find the most fitting global solutions to solve these challenges.”

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NxSE Forum 2017

nxse17When North meets South East”.

It’s an international Forum organised in Reunion Island (Indian Ocean) about digital technologies and exchanges between Indian Ocean and Africa.

With USIO (Unmanned Systems – Idian Ocean), we are pleased to participate in a workshop about “Digital and Agriculture” (october 4th) and in a Bar Camp about “The future of the industry” (october 5th).

Julien Rigoli from USIO, talked about Precision Agriculture :


 J_Rigoli_USIO_NxSE2017_1 J_Rigoli_USIO_NxSE2017_2

Photo credits : NxSE2017


Agro Fert’iles 2017 (Reunion Island)


The main research, development, training and support organizations of the agricultural community of Réunion Island (RITA Horticole Réunion) organized the 3rd edition of the Agrofert’îles meetings on the ARMEFLHOR experimental station from 14th to 16th of June 2017 (Martin Basin, Saint Pierre). Thought by and for the Reunionese agricultural profession, this event is a privileged moment of work, exchange and transfer of innovations.

USIO provided an initiation to fly a drone to agricultors.

USIO_Armeflhor2017_1 USIO_Armeflhor2017_2

We also spoke at a workshop on digital innovations in agriculture and presented the projects of USIO Tech Center.

USIO_Armeflhor2017_3.jpg USIO_Armeflhor2017_4

And we made a presentation on what is precision agriculture by using drones and data aquisition.